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The CCCTU supports legislative initiatives that protect our members' professions and provide every Illinois student with a world-class education and a bright future.

2023 Legislative Priorities 


City Colleges of Chicago Elected School Board 

SB 1577

HB 2367

Amends the Public Community College Act. Provides for the election (rather than appointment) of the board of trustees of the City Colleges of Chicago beginning with the 2025 consolidated election. Provides that the City of Chicago shall be subdivided into 20 trustee districts by the General Assembly for seats on the board of trustees, in addition to one at-large trustee. 


Mental Health Early Action on Campus Appropriation

Update: This appropriation was supported for the remainder of FY 23 but not after this. We continue to advocate for ongoing funding to support this mandate. 

Amends the Mental Health Early Action on Campus Act. Provides that the General Assembly shall appropriate $19,000,000 in Fiscal Year 2023 for the purposes of this Act. Provides that the funds shall be distributed to the public colleges and universities according to the recommendations of a specified report of the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability. Provides that the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability, in conjunction with the Illinois Community College Board and the Board of Higher Education, must make recommendations to the General Assembly on the amounts necessary to implement this Act for Fiscal Years 2024 through 2027, and may make such recommendations for Fiscal Years thereafter. Deletes provisions making the Act subject to appropriation.


Developmental Education Placement and Student Support: HB 2127

The Education and Workforce Equity Act (HB 2170) was landmark legislation improving equity in Illinois. While this bill took important steps, we are concerned that some of the measures are having unintended consequences for students who are not prepared for college-level work. We are proposing that local community colleges be given more autonomy in determining placement policies that work best for the students they serve, that students in Transitional English classes follow the local college’s placement policies, and that local colleges be allowed to provide 2 semesters of developmental courses in certain cases to ensure students have needed support.


The “Supporting Student Success Through OER” Initiative

The Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) is requesting support for a new $3 million appropriation in the Secretary of State/Illinois State Library annual budget for a recurring, permanent grant program for Illinois academic libraries.  This program aims to support student success in Illinois higher education by funding Illinois academic libraries to support their institutions’ faculty and staff in their work to reduce the costs and increase the efficacy of teaching and learning materials as they adopt, adapt, and produce OER. 


SURS 6% Liability Adjusted to Inflation 

Public Acts 094-0004 and 094-1057 require SURS to bill community colleges if the final rate of earnings exceeds the previous year by 6%. Given the high rates of inflation, this 6% penalty should be adjusted to 6% or CPI whichever is more.


Improve Tier 2 SURS Benefits

Employees hired on or after January 1, 2011, have a reduced pension benefit. We support efforts to offer retirement security for SURS members who started in 2011 and after.  


1/3, 1/3, 1/3: Restore Community College Funding Model

The community college act established a distributed funding model for community colleges where 1/3 of community college budgets came from tuition, property taxes, and the State of Illinois. Currently, property tax support remains around 1/3 but State support has dwindled requiring community colleges to raise tuition in order to balance budgets. It is time to help students by reducing the tuition burden and restoring the funding model as intended. 


Pay During Closure: SB 331

Amends various Acts relating to the governance of public universities and community colleges in Illinois. Requires the governing board of each public university and community college district to pay employees and contractors their daily, regular rate of pay and benefits if a campus is closed due to a city, county, or State declaration of a winter weather emergency.


Instructional materials for higher education: SB 1439

Amends the Illinois Income Tax Act. Provides that, for purposes of the tax credit for instructional materials and supplies, the term "qualified school" also includes public institutions of higher education. Effective immediately.


Support Increase to MAP Funding

The Illinois Board of Higher Education’s FY24 budget recommends a $50 million increase tp the Monetary Award Program (MAP) for students. MAP is a critical need-based program that provided access to 146,000 students served in FY22. This increase would support students of color and first-generation students who disproportionately rely on MAP.


To get involved with Local 1600’s legislative work, contact Legislative Chair Troy Swanson



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