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The CCCTU supports legislative initiatives that protect our members' professions and provide every Illinois student with a world-class education and a bright future.

For information on our endorsement process or if you are seeking CCCTU's endorsement, email Legislative Chair Troy Swanson at

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2024 Primary Endorsements

2023-2024 Legislative Program 


  • Pass Legislation for an Elected Board of Trustees for City Colleges of Chicago
    An elected board would be accountable to the people to board members. An elected board gives voice to faculty, staff, and students enabling true partnership and shared governance. (SB 1577/HB 2367)

  • Support Sensible Developmental Education Initiatives
    Support legislation giving faculty autonomy in determining placement criteria and curriculum design (HB 2127).

  • Support Secretary of State’s Open Education Resources Grant to Academic Libraries
    Support the reintroduction of the $3 million appropriation that supports the OER grant from the Secretary of State Office.

  • Fight for Free Developmental Education Classes and Expanded Investment in Public Education
    Advocate for free community college with a focus on Developmental Education and support legislative efforts that ease the financial burden across higher education.

  • Support Candidates and Consider Endorsements for the 2024 Primary & General Elections
    Support pro-labor and pro-education candidates.

  • Protect Pensions & Improve Tier 2 Benefits
    Work to protect existing pensions. Support efforts to strengthen Tier 2 benefits for employees in 2011 or after.

  • Support Efforts to Eliminate the Windfall Elimination Provision at the Federal Level
    Work with the AFT in working to get the WEP and GPO Social Security provisions repealed that negatively impact our members at retirement.

  • Oppose the Funneling of Public Money into Private Pockets
    Oppose voucher programs such as the “Invest in Kids” voucher program and similar programs that enrich private interests by taking public money and giving it to private individuals and organizations.

  • Support Common Sense Dual Credit
    Support the IFT resolution on dual credit supporting common-sense approaches to dual credit.

  • Work to Adjust 6% SURS Penalty to Meet Inflation
    Advocate to ease the impact of the SURS penalty given that we are facing extremely high rates of inflation.

  • Support Legislation that Removes Barriers for Our Students
    Support efforts at the local, state, and national levels that address issues that are outside obstacles to student success. These include issues such as student mental health, housing-related issues, transportation needs, childcare issues, and more.

  • Oppose Legislation Related to the Chicago Bears Relocation that Freezes or Reduces Support for Community Colleges
    The relocation of the Chicago Bears from Chicago to Arlington Heights (or other locations) should not have a negative impact on our community colleges.

  • Tax Legacy Admissions at Private Colleges and Universities
    Private institutions will pay a fee to the State of Illinois based on the number of legacy admissions for each freshman class (modeled after Massachusetts law H3760).

  • Empower Community Colleges to Support Asylum Seekers
    Support a comprehensive solution--at the federal, state, and local level-- to the asylum seeker crisis in Chicago, advocating for support to community colleges in this process. Embrace solutions that enhance our colleges’ inclusive tradition, fostering future students and community members.



Approved by the CCCTU House of Representatives on September 15, 2023.


To get involved with Local 1600’s legislative work, contact Legislative Chair Troy Swanson



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