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Elected Board for the City Colleges of Chicago

The time is now to finally get an Elected Board of Trustees in the City Colleges of Chicago. The City Colleges is the ONLY appointed community college board in the state of Illinois. Chicagoans deserve to have a democratic voice in how our colleges are operated.

For too long, the board has been unaccountable for disastrous policies such as reinvention. We demand an elected board now!

We are currently looking for co-sponsors for the Elected Board bills before the Illinois legislature: SB 1577 and HB 2367. The bills would amend the Community College Act to provide for the election (rather than appointment) of the board of trustees of the City Colleges of Chicago beginning with the 2025 consolidated election. SB 1577 and HB 2367 provide that the City of Chicago shall be subdivided into 20 trustee districts by the General Assembly for seats on the board of trustees, in addition to one at-large trustee.

Call your State Senator and State Representative and ask them to join the push for democracy and accountability for the City Colleges of Chicago.

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