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City Colleges for the Common Good

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

ALL Chicagoans deserve quality public education. CCCTU members are fighting for transformative investment in the City Colleges which would serve educational needs and bring needed economic development to our communities.

What is CCCG?

City Colleges for the Common Good (CCCG) calls for an investment of $500,000 for each

City College to provide targeted social services to empower our students and communities.

How would it work?

CCCG is an expansion of the Sustainable Community School model begun by Chicago Teachers Union (CTU). In 2019, CTU secured $500,000 for each of the 20 "Sustainable Community Schools." City Colleges can afford to do the same for our Colleges. CCCG calls for each City College to partner with an existing Sustainable Community School and community partners.

What services are needed?

  • Expanded services for students struggling to meet housing, nutritional, and technological needs (e.g. broadband internet)

  • Trauma and violence programs

  • More Wellness Center resources, especially more staff

  • Restorative Justice Practices

  • More resources for the Cook County Jail Education Program

  • Expanded support services for immigrants

  • Free Developmental Education

CCCG Goals:

  • Ensure equal access to quality education in Chicago

  • Fight Disinvestment and Reinvest in all of our colleges

  • Authentic engagement with the communities our City Colleges serve

Will CCC negotiate?

City Colleges of Chicago Administration currently refuses to negotiate over CCCG. The administration claims CCCG is not relevant to negotiations on wages, benefits, and working conditions. We know our students' learning conditions are our working conditions. Services that support students and their communities would directly improve our work and advance the City Colleges of Chicago mission. Together, we can press CCC to negotiate.

What can I do?

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