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Urgent Action Required: Support Higher Education Funding in Illinois Budget

Local 1600 is partnering with the University Professionals of Illinois (UPI/IFT Local 4100) in a major campaign to urge lawmakers to increase funding for public higher education in our state. We need your help to pressure them to act!

For far too long, the General Assembly has neglected its duty to adequately fund higher education. Over the past two decades, our state has fallen behind, resulting in diminished resources for colleges, universities, and most importantly, our students. This chronic underfunding has had profound impacts on our union at the bargaining table while also burdening students with skyrocketing tuition costs.

Now is the time for action. Please send this prewritten letter now!  Follow this link to contact your State Senator and State Representative. This letter calls for a 10% increase in higher education support within the 2024 budget, along with a $50 million boost to the Monetary Assistance Program (MAP) grants to students.

By sending this letter, we are joining IFT higher education faculty and staff to amplify our voices and demand the prioritization of higher education funding. Together, we can make a powerful statement and effect positive change for our communities and future generations.

In solidarity,

Troy Swanson

Legislative Chair 

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