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2023 Chicago Municipal Endorsements.

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

At our November 2022 house meeting, local 1600 delegates voted to endorse the following candidates in the 2023 Chicago municipal elections.

Brandon Johnson- Mayor

*Daniel La Spata Alderman 1st Ward

Khari Humphries Alderman 4th Ward

Desmon Yancy Alderman 5th Ward

Will Hall Alderman 6th Ward

Cleopatra Draper Alderman 9th Ward

Oscar Sanchez Alderman 10th Ward

Ambria Taylor Alderman 11th Ward

Julia Ramirez Alderman 12th Ward

Vicko Alvarez Alderman 15th Ward

*Stephanie Coleman Alderman 16th Ward

*David Moore Alderman 17th Ward

Heather Wills Alderman 18th Ward

Tim Noonan Alderman 19th Ward

*Jeanette B. Taylor Alderman 20th Ward

*Byron Sigcho-Lopez Alderman 25th Ward

Jessie Fuentes Alderman 26th Ward

Warren Williams Alderman 30th Ward

*Felix Cardona Jr. Alderman 31st Ward

*Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez Alderman 33rd Ward

*Carlos Ramirez-Rosa Alderman 35th Ward

Lori Torres Whitt Alderman 36th Ward

Denali Dasgupta Alderman 39th Ward

*Andre Vasquez Alderman 40th Ward

Paul Struebing Alderman 41st Ward

Angela Clay Alderman 46th Ward

*Matt Martin Alderman 47th Ward

Nick Ward Alderman 48th Ward

*Maria Hadden Alderman 49th Ward

Mueze Bawany Alderman 50th Ward

* Indicates Incumbent


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